About Me

Hi there!

My name is Matthew Grey, I am a web developer based in Melbourne, Australia. I specialise in creating websites and web applications from scratch, taking the site from a simple idea to a fully fleshed out product.

Below is pretty much everything you need to know about me professionally; namely my employment history, examples of my web and games work. If you want to get in contact with me, feel free to drop me a line via the contact form.

Matthew Grey



Madman Entertainment

Full-Stack Engineer

Working as part of a skunkworks development group inside of Madman, the position is primarily engaged in the development of new features and back-end services for Madman's video-on-demand platform. Additionally, the role is tasked with owning the design, development, and maintenance of systems related to: video-on-demand services, administration services, blogging, content-management, and website-automation.

C.A.I.N. Mysteries

Game Developer

Created 'C.A.I.N. Mysteries', an online murder mystery video game. Over the course of 2 years, C.A.I.N.'s procedurally generated detective gameplay was taken from a concept to a fully functional game released in 2017. All development work on the game was completed autonomously, with some additional content creation from assisting writers.

Freelance Web Development

Web Application Developer

Commissioned to develop websites and web applications for businesses. Projects ranged from survey-based statistical analyses, to social networking prototypes.

SAP Research - Darmstadt

Web Developer on Prototype Web Application Research Projects

Developed web applications in government funded research projects aimed at expanding the knowledge in and the tool-sets of software businesses. Two websites created were selected to be presented at the Cebit 2013 International Trade Fair in Hannover, Germany; one of which was presented personally to the public as well as government officials.

Student Youth Network Media

Web Application Developer

Developed a flash application for deployment on the Internet which aided new radio station employees in familiarising themselves with and using the station's music play list program. The project spanned seven months of work off site completely alone, with frequent communication with the SYN Media liaison.


Bachelor of Computer Science - Software Engineering

This degree consisted of two main facets. One was centered around the technical aspects of software development: learning to code, coding practices, database analysis and design, and networking.

The other area was concerned with the organisation and theory behind project managment: SCRUM and Agile project frameworks, project management, software development practices, software deployment and evolution.

The course was focused on C++, Java, and PHP in terms of coding languages. During the course I completed a Cisco networking subject which certified me at the level: CCNA2.

Bachelor of Multimedia - Games and Interactivity

This degree provided a practical and theoretical look into game development including: level design, artificial intelligence, programming, design, as well as interactivity, and the psychology behind games. Primarily though the focus on usability has proved to be the most effective for all types of software development.

Usability based upon Jakob Nielsen’s heuristics has provided great user and developer satisfaction. Usability has proved to be useful in assessing different interfaces for clients. This focus has made an impact on all of my software development putting user experience as one of the most essential features. The course also provided for a chance to work in small teams to produce different programs and game goals, often within strict time and resource limits, as such working within group environments.

The course primarily used: Unity, Unreal Development Kit, Maya, 3D Studio Max, and Flash.


Swinburne University Top Student Award

Awarded for achieving the highest overall grade for the unit: "Software Engineering Project" in semester 2, 2015.

Swinburne University Top Student Award

Awarded for achieving the highest overall grade for the unit: "Web Application Development" in semester 2, 2015.

Swinburne University Dean's List

Earned a place on the "Dean's List" to recognise the completion of a semester with a Grade Point Average of 3.50 or higher. Awarded in 2011.

Swinburne University Certificate of Excellence

Awarded for achieving the highest overall grade for the unit: "Multimedia Technology" in semester 1, 2011.

Golden Key Honours Society

Admitted in 2010 for an outstanding set of results in semester 1 of 2010.


Software Business Model Wizard

The Software Business Model Wizard compares businesses, based on various statistical information inputted by the user, with others to provide a ranking. These results were based on a range of different inputs, from profit, to staff, to market encapsulation, the program was intended to offer a comparison between different aspects of companies and give a ranking in each business area.

Experimental WebGL was integrated into the website to allow for complex visualisation of different data sets in a variety of methods. Privacy was a key concern in the development of this website as confidential material was submitted, and stored in order to compare different businesses.

This web application was displayed at the German Federal Ministry of Research and Education’s booth at Cebit 2014 in Hannover.

Key Features:

  • WebGL 3D animations
  • Software as as Service
  • Reactive web design
  • Asynchronous PHP execution
  • Database interfacing
  • Statistical analysis
  • Graphical representation of statistics
  • Enhanced privacy and security

Software Process Wizard

Similarly, the Software Process Wizard compares software development teams based on variables inputted by the user. Teams are compared anonymously against a sample set with the goal of improving the team's organisational structure by moving towards an 'AGILE' methodology.

Beyond the initial level of changes recommended by the inputes provided, users can further optimise their team by selecting areas they wish to improve such as quality, or cost effectiveness. The application will recommend the most effective options for their team based on analysis performed on the server.

Key Features:

  • Software as a Service
  • Reactive web design
  • Asynchronous PHP execution
  • Database interfacing
  • Statistical analysis
  • Graphical representation of statistics
  • Enhanced privacy and security


WordLlama is an online development tool for writers, allowing writers to take a writing project through all of its stages of development; notes, writing, editing, and completion. The application supports them in their writing efforts; offering community interaction and goals for motivation, statistics to keep track of their writing, methods of reaching out to third party editors and writers for discussion, as well as providing them with a go-to place to display their profile as a writer.

Key Features:

  • Software as a Service
  • E-commerce
  • Custom CMS
  • Custom search algorithm
  • Custom event management system
  • Custom user profile system
  • Individual user-based privacy settings
  • Automation of statistic generation
  • Stastic visualisation
  • Google API integration
  • Web-framework integration

Adeney Milkbar Cafe

Provided a local business with a website that incorporates social media applications into the website's design, as well as allowed for variation in design and easy updatable web content. Through this website Adeney Milkbar Cafe was able to centralise their presence on the web easily, yet still have their social media, as well as contact details displayed readily.

Key Features:

  • Embedded Facebook feed allowing for one-stop updates
  • Centralised online presence
  • Custom design embodies the business
  • Google API integration


C.A.I.N. Mysteries

A new online frontier ushers in computer composed murder-mysteries every hour; it’s up to the detectives of C.A.I.N. to solve the crimes before the trail runs cold.

C.A.I.N. Mysteries is an online, co-operative murder mystery game. Players, as members of a private investigation syndicate, work together to solve murder cases. Through deciphering clues, gathering evidence, and trusting their instincts, players must figure out each case in order to bring the murderer to justice. Utilising a technology known as ‘procedural generation’, every murder case created in C.A.I.N. is different from the last. Every detail can change based on the randomisation that C.A.I.N. implements in every case’s creation process. Suspect behaviours, suspect relationships, evidence, motives and the murderer themselves are all subject to change. The only way to solve the mystery is to band together, connect the clues, and nail the murderer.


Showcasing a new type of gameplay involving searching and 'rescuing' scrap from derelict space hulks, Junkernauts is a unique space salvage simulator. You play as an intrepid "Junkernaut" to explore and salvage derelict interstellar ships before they crash into planets.

Salvaging's a tough job, and in zero-G it's tougher still. Every movement, bounce and bob needs to be planned - unless bumbling around an airlock door is your idea of proper salvage. Junkernauts features Six-axis zero-gravity movement, making this simulation one of the few that allows for the freedom, and the terrors of weightless movement in space.

Dynamically created space hulks provide an ever-changing playground for Junkernauts to explore and salvage, making no two scavenging runs quite the same.

Junkernauts was exhibited to a large crowd at PAX Australia in 2014 in conjunction with Dime Studios. The latest version of Junkernauts as well as a discussion of the technology developed is available via the link below.