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Join an online murder mystery investigation.

You play as an agent of a secretive investigation syndicate, CAIN. You must solve unfolding murder investigations in a race against the clock. Decipher clues and cross examine suspects to nail the murderer; together, online.

Piece together clues to catch the killer.

You'll be contacted by your case handler, CONTROL. CONTROL will provide you with all of the information concerning the case. With the combined forces of the CAIN agents, you'll sift through the clues to sniff out the killer and throw them behind bars.

Solve a mystery together, online.

CAIN agents rush side by side to follow the trail of clues to the murderer before the case goes cold. You must band together to help progress through the case and accuse the correct suspect.

A fresh case every hour, on the hour.

The unique murder investigation tracking software utilised by CAIN delivers exciting cases from around the globe.

Every character, relationship, alibi, piece of evidence, and even motive for the murder is randomly chosen. From a cold-blooded shooting on the foggy docks of Seattle, to a suspicious drowning on the river Nile!

Crime doesn't pay, so why should you?

Jump in and investigate a randomly-generated case, it's free to play!

Desire more than good deeds to warm your heart? Become a fully qualified investigator with a Special Service Licence; giving you access to agent rankings, case steering, desk customisation, and case debriefs.

Get started. Stop crime.


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